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Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Species (human/alien/vampire/other?): Human
Extra-human/abnormal abilities, if any?: None


1. Is it okay for your character's thoughts to be read/their mind to be probed? Sure, if we discuss it first: Sherlock's a non-powered human and has no experience with nor defense against telepathy. That being said, he'd be extremely upset if he knew or suspected this happened and doing so would easily make a serious enemy of him, so drop me a line!

2. Is it okay for any of your character’s intense/distressing memories to be seen/heard/read in this situation? Same, see above: also, Sherlock recently committed suicide, so he has some fairly upsetting/traumatic feelings and memories to be detected.

3. What kind of mind does your character have? Are they disturbed at all? Are their thoughts ordered or jumbled? Extremely well-organized and very complicated. Sherlock subscribes to the method of loci or "mind palace" method of memorization, so he stores many long-term memories in a visualized building. He has a high degree of memory retention and as a result takes pains to organize his thoughts efficiently for access. He is also a very fast and intuitive thinker and his thought patterns show this. Contrary to popular belief, he's not particularly disturbed, though his recent experiences have shaken him emotionally.

4. Is it okay for your character’s emotions to be sensed? Yes, though check with me first.

5. Does your character have a weak or strong mind? Are they susceptible to influence or hypnotism? Very strong. As far as non-powered humans go, Sherlock would be on the most-difficult-to-influence end, being both strong-willed and highly skeptical. Still, he's just a man.

6. Does your character have supernatural/mental fortification against mind-reading or telepathic communication? Nope!

7. In the case of characters who are extra-sentient/psychic and can just 'know' things about people, can the muns of these characters use the powers of Wikipedia to get information about your character? Sure, though adding this now-tiresome check-with-me-first caveat since Sherlock (and Sherlock Holmes in general) is full of contradictory "canon" which may or may not match up in every instance with what I'm playing here.

8. If so, is there anything that should absolutely never ever be brought up? OOC: fair game to all! IC: any mentions of Jim Moriarty are auto-freakout trigger for Sherlock for the time being.

9. Anything that should absolutely be brought up? Nothing I can think of!

10. Will thoughts in the narration be up for grabs? If so, how will you indicate these? Italics/strikes/something else? Repeating the 'talk to me first' here but I'll try to use italics consistently to indicate concrete thoughts.

11. Does your character have any fears/phobias that you wouldn't mind being exploited? Ones that you'd like to NOT be exploited? Sherlock's left most of his fears behind in his world, but if you can think of anything go ahead.


1. Is it okay for your character to be affected by chemical agents? Fear toxins, for example? Easily, Sherlock's been successfully poisoned by a fear toxin before.

2. Does your character have any unique biological difference that would affect their resistance to toxins/chemical substances? The only resistance advantage Sherlock might have to drugging is the sheer number of drugs he's already taken in his life. He's clean now, but that's a relatively new development.

3. Does your character have any notable genetic/supernatural/biological difference that would make their blood in any way different to a regular baseline human's (that would make them taste different if they were fed on by a vampire, for example)? Unlikely!


1. How okay are you with your character coming to physical harm? Totally fine, ask first but the answer will probably be yes.

2. How okay are you with your character's home/possessions being targeted by bad guys? A-OK.

3. Can your character be impacted by telekinesis? Yes.

4. With regard to vampires, would your character be willing to be a donor? Not even a little.

5. If no, then how about unwilling? Yes, that one. :P

6. With regard to shapeshifters, are you okay with having those with this power taking the shape of your character? Oh yes.

7. If your character has any superhuman abilities, would you be okay with these being replicated by those who have the power to absorb/take on the powers of others? No superhuman abilities per se here.

8. In a physical confrontation, is it okay if characters who have the power to sense/foresee/predict movements use this to their advantage against your character? Yup!

9. Are you willing to participate in plots where your character will sustain damage outside of a fight, such as in situations with torture, environmental hazards, or accidents? Most definitely.

10. Is there anything about them that would stand out noticeably (things like scars, physical augmentations, illness, anomalies, etc.) if they were ever injured or otherwise examined by a doctor? Are any of these things noticeable to others without close inspection? Nope.


1. Can your character be influenced and tempted by magical or supernatural means? Yes, most definitely.

2. If yes, will someone with the ability be able to find this out about them, and in what areas (think the seven deadly sins) can your character be tempted? Pride pride pride pride pride, this one's painfully easy; goading is super-effective in many cases. Envy and wrath too, to a lesser degree. Uh, probably also sloth. Not so much with the lust, gluttony, or avarice, though.

3. Could your character be glamoured (a form of mind control employed by vampires to make humans compliant/alter their memories etc.)? As human and susceptible here as elsewhere.

4. Can your character be effected by spells of any kind, and are there any specific types to which they would be immune? Still human!

5. Can your character's presence be sensed by characters with the power to read auras/pick up generalized vibes from people? I can't imagine why not!

6. If yes, what kind of stand-out things about your character can be sensed? Sherlock radiates fluctuating mood swings and energy like stormy weather. At the moment he also radiates fright.

7. With regard to characters that can sense danger/receive visions/predict general doom, are you okay with your character being the subject of any of this, if the occasion arises? Totally!


1. Will your character change their name as it is shown on the map? If so, what will they change it to? This totally depends on whether there's anything good on telly, but the answers to these questions are probably "yes" and "many different things."

2. If they’re able, will they ever opt to hide their location on the map? Oh yes. All the time, if he can figure out how.

3. If your character is from an earlier point in their canon than another member of your cast, what is and is not okay for your fellow castmate to spill the beans about regarding your character’s future? Spill! As far as this Sherlock's timeline is concerned, he doesn't have a future.

4. With regard to characters that like to snoop, can they find anything that's been publicly said by your character through the tablets? Yes. Sherlock's aware of the consequences of putting anything on the internet, so to speak.

5. How about privately? Not unless the character's an accomplished hacker of some kind.

6. Is there anything you'd especially like to be known about your character, for the purposes of amusement? I feel like it'll all be self-evident fairly shortly.

7. Anything you especially don't? Nope!

8 Do you like threadhopping (a character not already in a thread jumping in unexpectedly to reply to a comment), and are you okay with other people threadhopping in your threads and posts? I have no qualms with threadhopping or with other people doing it! By all means, hop those threads.


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