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Name: Sherlock Holmes

Aliases: N/A

Age and/or birthday: 33 (6 January 1980)

Fandom/Media/OC?: Sherlock (BBC One) and indirectly Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories and novels.

Programmed Possession: Sherlock's violin, made in about 2004 with strings of silver-plated steel.

Arrival date: 28 July 2012

I am...: a brilliant, eccentric detective with more curiosity than wisdom.


Describe your character physically. Height and build: About 6'2", tall and slender with a fine, aristocratic bone structure: bony long-fingered hands, lanky limbs, generally more suggestive of an artist or an academic than a detective. He's not rail-thin, but he doesn't look like he'd be overpowering in a fight and, indeed, he's not. If God had intended man to learn fisticuffs, God wouldn't have invented John Watson Mace.

Coloring and other physical details: Nerdy to the extreme and whiter than sour cream! Sherlock is a youthful, somewhat androgynous man who looks solidly to be in his twenties, not his early thirties. He's got high, patrician cheekbones and very sharp, very English features. His wavy hair is dark brown and styled a bit long and trendily, which betrays he's much vainer than he admits. His eyes are blue-green and a bit feline and he's cursed with an unfortunately girlish mouth. He is altogether very angular, unapproachable, and would probably have made a more conventionally attractive woman than man; alas, he's Sherlock Holmes.

Or in other words, he looks like this.

What does your character wear? A snappy and consistent dresser, Sherlock is rarely spied without his long wool overcoat and his favorite blue scarf, which is always knotted fashionably and doesn't actually seem to serve much of a warming purpose so much as a hipster one. Under that, he favors blues and purples for colors and wears a lot of button-downs (and occasionally a black suit jacket) and slacks. His clothing is generally well-fitted to his frame and he puts obvious effort into it. However, he probably spends just as much time in various states of undress at home: his dark blue dressing gown/bathrobe is a favorite, and sometimes even that's too much effort. He cares about presenting a well-coordinated face to the world, though, so he does. Usually. Sometimes he has a day. You never really can be one hundred percent certain with him.

That covers what they look like. What do they sound like? He has a surprisingly fully developed baritone, one of the primary cues to his age; he speaks with Old Etonian-style Received Pronunciation though not always excessively formally. However, he talks very fast, sometimes to the point that he's hard to understand if he's particularly excited (and he's rather excitable) -- often answering his own questions, leaving thoughts half-finished and revising his words in the middle of saying them. He's got a tendency to assume other people were there for the rest of his train of thought when they most certainly weren't, and to forget what he's said and hasn't said. In other words, in speech as in everything, he's quick, energetic, and scattered. He's intelligent, but not necessarily always a good communicator.

Running down the list of the five senses.... smell? Sherlock smells like cigarette smoke and department store cologne. Sometimes also resin and rubbing alcohol.

Touch & Taste. Uh, okay there. He has a few chemical scars and violin calluses on his hands, which can be felt on handshake. His blood is blood: human blood, type O positive.

The fine, fine details: He has needle scars and collapsed veins in the pits of his arms, visible when he wears short sleeves or rolls them up.

PB differences? Nope! Sherlock is a television character who hasn't yet changed substantially from his canon self.


A history of me: Sherlock's life could be described as trial and error -- a lot of trial and a lot of error. He was born the second child of the wealthy and estranged Holmes family, seven years younger than his older brother Mycroft, with a nonpresent father and an oft-absent mother. Sherlock grew up like so many privileged and neglected children under the care of nannies, primary school, and his brother Mycroft, who took over the role of a foster-parent in their parents' absence. This led to lifelong tension between the two, Mycroft being responsible and often imperious and Sherlock always a bit rebellious. Still, Sherlock was mainly a dreamy and introverted little boy interested in pirates and children's books about microbes until he started demanding proper books about microbes and it was clear school wasn't fulfilling his needs. He vexed teachers with his difficult personality and educational impatience, barely fended off a few childhood psychiatric diagnoses, and only grew more difficult in secondary school when he discovered truancy and then drugs.

As a lonely and irresponsible teenager, he found LSD and Ecstasy, and then cocaine, and it was his addiction to the latter that haunted him well into his twenties: causing him to drop out of his chemistry program in university, live from dubious paycheck to paycheck, and nearly land himself in jail several times, until his brother forcibly corralled him into rehab in his late twenties and he turned his life around with only a periodic smoking habit remaining of his earlier life. This cracked another rift down the center of their relationship, but he emerged from rehab clean. Under Mycroft's watchful and unwanted eye, he started living alone and then took an interest in the work of one DI Lestrade, a Metropolitan Police Service detective who reluctantly accepted his help cracking difficult cases.

His life took another turn when he was introduced to Dr John Watson, a veteran from Afghanistan, who became his flatmate, friend, and soon his best friend -- with a great deal of rockiness along the way. Temperamental and strange as their relationship was, he and John grew close. Sherlock relied on John as his career as a consulting detective skyrocketed and he found himself involved with more serious and dangerous cases, drawing the attention of mentally unstable computer genius and criminal mastermind Jim Moriarty as well. Moriarty's obsession with him culminated in conspiring to set Sherlock up as a fraud and a Munchausen-esque narcissist whose detective career was a lie, attempting to force Sherlock to commit suicide with him in dishonor in order to protect John, Lestrade, and his landlady and friend Mrs Hudson.

Moriarty succeeded. Kind of.

Who matters? Outside of Taxon, Sherlock Holmes's most impactful relationship in any universe is by far his rocky but close friendship with his flatmate, John Watson: John is his best friend and close to his only friend, and possibly what he misses the most from the outside world aside from the outside world itself. He also has a troubled relationship with his brother, Mycroft Holmes, his elder by seven years and his only immediate living family. Aside from that, he has amiable familial-ish connections to his landlady Mrs. Hudson and to his frequent client Detective Inspector Lestrade, a complicated rivalry with Irene Adler, and a very complicated animosity with his enemy, the computer hacker and master criminal James Moriarty.

In Taxon, Sherlock has sort of managed to befriend, or be befriended by, Remus Lupin and Mayland Long, both of whom have an unusual degree of patience for his personality. He's on roughly amiable terms with a few others, such as Glitch and Madelyne Pryor, clashes sometimes with Spike, completely fails to understand Selina Kyle, and "enjoys" a turbulent relationship with Bagoas, with whom he swapped bodies during a glitch, to personally disastrous results. He's failed to get on with several others, but none so much as the endlessly infuriating Mr. Blood.

Personality & Psychology: Genius, according to Thomas Carlyle, is an infinite capacity for taking pains. Sherlock Holmes doesn't really ascribe to the concept of "genius," as premised on romanticized and hypothetical notions of cognitive ability as he thinks it is, but he does ascribe to the concept of taking pains. At heart he's an intelligent, curious, and intellectually passionate person who devotes his life to learning and understanding as much about the world as possible, as well as trying to find and expose the truth. However, he's also an overgrown teenager. His social and emotional development hasn't matched his cognitive: he's introverted, defensive, socially awkward, and very immature. In many ways he's a smart kid who never grew into a smart adult -- forever raising his hand in class, correcting the teacher, appointing himself the leader of every science project, and otherwise still as defensive and as prone to showing-off as a boy in sixth form. He likes books more than people, computers definitely more than books, sulks when his ego's stung, and secretly fantasizes about the day everyone will realize he's right about everything and applaud how clever he is. He's moody and impatient, often unable to cope with other people's inability to keep up with him, and even more unable to cope with rejection or skepticism; he's a bit of a drama queen prone to fits of quitting the metaphorical internets every time something doesn't go his way, sulking for long periods of time, and changing his mind at the drop of a hat. He's not exactly cruel and is not incapable of being polite or professional, but he's definitely the most petulant consulting detective you're likely to meet.

Like any other person, Sherlock does want friends, he's just terminally inept at making and keeping them. He's thin-skinned, mercurial, easily stung, wants all of your attention one moment and then wants you to vanish from the room the next, and otherwise is sort of like trying to be friends with a cat. He's getting better at playing with others, though, as his career as a consulting detective has landed him and other people in hot water and caused him to realize that his crime-fighting game of cops and robbers has real consequences. He's developed a better sense of responsibility and appreciation for other people now that he's gone through a lot more humbling experiences -- however, it's still a very awkward and fledgling sense. He has a strong sense of right and wrong that sometimes clouds the fact that other people's senses of right and wrong matter too, and that his ends don't always justify his means. He is curious about just about everything and will get to know people in many walks of life to learn more -- from CEOs to graffiti artists -- but is also absolutely terrible at disguising when something bores him, which is a lot. He's often bored. He lives his life chasing after things to entertain him, or at least did until very recently, and trying to acquire some semblance of maturity and patience hasn't come easy.

Personally, he's a techie who likes his iPhone and his laptop and his chemistry kits and will be put out to find them all missing. He's also a privileged young yuppie who takes great pains with his wardrobe (though will never admit it), and will also be put out to find that missing. He's used to the creature comforts of urban life and --- whether he admits it or not -- the privilege of being a young white British blueblood with a powerful and high-ranking brother, and will generally be very put out to find everything he knows and depends on turned arse-over-teakettle. He thought his humbling experiences were finished with Jim Moriarty. He's wrong. He's very wrong.

Skills, Powers, Weaknesses, and et cetera: Keen observation skills, well-developed deductive reasoning, and a broad base of knowledge on scientific, engineering, and other forensic and real-world-applicable topics. Sherlock's not actually supernaturally intelligent, just very fast-thinking and interested in a wide variety of topics; his deductive reasoning and methodical approach to problem-solving avails him in a lot of situations, as he's a very resourceful person, but it's premised on an understanding in a world he won't be living in any more. He's good with hardware and software and is a capable though not exceptional programmer. He's pragmatic if not fearsome in combat situations, preferring solutions like pepper spray. Theoretically he can shoot a gun, though he hasn't yet been known to hit anything that isn't a wall. He can play the violin well, but doesn't always choose to, unfortunately.

Sexytiems: Sherlock is on the asexual spectrum. His attractions, inasmuch as they exist at all, are indifferent to gender and gender presentation. To stick rough labels on all this, he's a Kinsey 3 and gray-asexual.

Best way to meet this character: Sherlock's an active, curious, eccentric character who spends a fair amount of time out and about doing things in odd places: it wouldn't be hard to run into him in most of the Taxon public places, including the Library, the Zoo, and the Adventure Zone. He also busks on the street for his living, inasmuch as he makes one, so it's always possible to meet (and have seen him) playing his violin for tips and requests. In general it's not hard to meet Sherlock or assume your character's encountered him offscreen--just PM me!


THE MIND: Sherlock's mind can be read no more or less easily than any other human's: just PM me to ask! His thoughts in narration are sometimes designated with italics, but there's also a fair amount just in the narration, so again, let's talk it over. He is extremely intelligent and quick-thinking and employs method of loci memorization, all of which should be apparent from a brush through his thoughts.

THE BODY: Physical and property damage are generally fine! Just ask me first.

FUNKY STUFF: Sure, though ask me to make sure what you're getting jives with the canon I've figured out for the character!

PRIVACY: Threadhopping and threadjacking are fine, reading unlocked posts is fine, ask me about locked posts, and Sherlock almost always hides his presence on the map: if he isn't, I'll explicitly note.

SURPRISE!: Go ahead and sneak up on him, unless I've made a note in a post or otherwise that he's being alert or attentive at the moment; he is very observant, but he's not always paying attention.



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